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Shave to Save | Illustration for Poster and Postcards | 2017

Shave to Save is an annual not for profit event sponsored by VML.  100% of the proceeds go to The American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge in Kansas City.  It was an honor to help illustrate and design the poster and postcards for this event.  


Service Design Jam | Design Event | 2017

Organized and Co-hosted with Jessica Tungesvik and Yosef Shuman. 

The Global Service Jam is a simultaneous, world-wide, 48-hour event that's all about DOING and MAKING. In cities all over the world, people come together for a fun weekend full of service design exploration, stretching their creative muscles, and collaborating with other awesome people from their area in order to design entirely new services that will improve people’s lives. 

The event in KC was a collaboration among VML, Volcanic, and Sprint. It took place February 17-19 at the Sprint Accelerator.  

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ISA International Awareness Week Campaign | 2011

ISA had no brand strategy or orientations on the implementation of the logo they had used for years. Flyers and invitations weren’t designed to convince the users to actively participate in the activities organized by the association.  

Part of my job as Public Relations Officer was to find the way to connect to users and create visual artwork that was attractive to a broad range of students from different backgrounds.  One of the first steps was to compare ISA communications to other international students associations, branding strategies from communities for young people, and successful advertising strategies from companies targeting the same group of users.  The results led me to my next task, which was developing a concept for the International Awareness Week, the most important event for the association, and create other small communications pieces for other events

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