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Community for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Latin America


My Role: UX Research, Strategy, Design Methods


The goal of this project was to find ways to help young entrepreneurs in Latin America to overcome the challenges in new ventures and stimulate the growth of small businesses in the area. I started with a discovery phase where I uncovered truths about how the entrepreneurial ecosystem works in Latin America, how people make the decision to become an entrepreneur in Latin America, and what factors are responsible for the failure of these ventures after their first years of operation.

It was key to conduct several virtual interview sessions to gather information. I found that the main obstacles acknowledged by the entrepreneurs were: limitations to knowledge exchange and low propensity to trust.



After gaining an understanding of people's thoughts and motivations towards starting new businesses, it was necessary to extend the research and conduct literature reviews and competitive analysis to really understand all the issues that surround entrepreneurial nurturing and propensity to grow. As a result, I added to our list of barriers the inadequate training and support in adapting to new technologies and the lack of international cooperation.  In the literature review, I also collected data about the process an entrepreneur might go through to build a business, technology supporting collaborative work, and how innovation networks and communities of practice worked.

To test initial concepts I used personas during the discovery phase to determine if certain features would be helpful to potential users. In addition to that, I made quick mock ups of the user interface to test with young students from Colombia.


To represent how the complete system works together, I created a first model with the core concepts: Entrepreneurship, Collaboration, & Innovation to have in mind for the community. This proposed system would facilitate face-to-face and virtual collaboration and enable knowledge exchange among young entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors across the world. To understand how Nexo would work, I developed a second model explaining it in the three phases in which the project would be developed. See models in presentation below.