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Design for Integration

Five utilities companies become one: Spire. 



Spire's natural gas utilities serves 1.7 million customers everyday across Missouri, Mississippi, and Alabama. Back in 2016, after acquiring Missouri Gas Energy and Alabama Gas Corporation, the Laclede Group decided to rename the new company as Spire. For this transition, the company would need a new and customer-centric website that would help current users (from the different companies) understand the transformation.  I joined the Spire team at VML by the end of 2016 and had the opportunity to work on the redesign of the Customer Connect platform, which is the section where users can manage their account, payments and personal preferences.


Create one website that would represent the integration of three different gas utility companies, each one with a set of requirements that would differ.  Our promise was to develop a clean, user-centered, and bold design for Spireenergy.com that will give users full control and a focused journey. One important thing to have in mind for this project was Spire's vision of positioning itself as an energy company.


We would usually have kick-off meetings for each sprint and decide internally which feature(s) each team member would work on and some possible scenarios to work on for each client review. 

Soon after, we would spend some time sketching some initial concepts and question on the whiteboard, which will turn into wireframes on Sketch and interactive prototypes on Invision. Sharing these prototypes with clients allowed us to drive the conversation and iterate faster.  

Sample of some of the wires created on Sketch for Registering your Account flow.

Sample of the live site screenshots from the same Register your Account section


A mobile-friendly website that continues to serve homes and businesses across Alabama, Missouri and Mississippi. A user-centered design that makes it  easier than ever to manage natural gas accounts. With fewer clicks, users can make mobile payments, sign up for text alerts, and view their average usage.