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Design for Experience

Innovating a University Clinic's check-in and waiting experience


The waiting experience.  Gathering Data through ethnographic and literary research methods, the design team pointed out the more important situations in the current waiting experience: Long lines to check-in, no distinct signage differentiating the waiting areas (flu waiting area and other), lack of privacy and individual seating, long wait on the appointment, and unawareness on how long the wait would be.

Prototyping and testing

Application and Kiosk. I was responsible for developing sketches and prototypes in Balsamiq for the first test. In this first test we asked students to role-play a hypothetical situation of checking-in and waiting at Watkins, use the kiosk, and then proceed to the waiting area. This testing allowed us to see the gaps in our application and what areas of the interface needed improvement. My role was to develop a more detailed prototype to test it for the second time. This time the users interacted with the prototype in a pdf version on their phones and at the kiosk.

Space. To gain a deep understanding on the user experience in the space, we used Post-Its to simulate furniture and other elements from the waiting area and asked a new group of students to explain how would they like the space to be arranged. With this information, the team generated a Sketchup prototype of the space to see what Watkins would potentially look like. This second prototype of the space was also tested with another group of students.

We learned that people coming to the clinic were less interested in having contact with people that were not the doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. We also uncovered the need of an effective Wayfinding system and a better communication system with the patient. Below you can see the proposed solutions for the space, application, and kiosk.

Mobile Applications. One of my tasks was to develop the interface for the app for the Check-in Kiosk and the Smartphone. With the data collected from interviews and testing I was able to come up with a clean, simple, and visually friendly solution for the patients.

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