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Mentoring and Teaching in Design

To be a passionate teacher is to be someone in love with a field of knowledge, deeply stirred by issues and ideas that challenge our world, drawn to the dilemmas and potentials of the young people who come into class each day - or captivated by all of these

I consider myself as an enthusiastic educator driven by the passion I feel about my field. Many years ago I embarked on this mission to inspire young graphic designers to become leaders in the field of design. This is why I have taken it as my challenge to help them discover their talent and awaken that desire and hunger to design. I believe that is key to making great design. That is the kind of design I love teaching.

I endeavor to foster learning environments based in three key elements: collaboration, technology, and engagement. Collaboration through a variety of formats, including interactive plenary sessions, small-group discussions, and project design teams.  I believe technology should be designed to engage learners and facilitate the acquisition of the skills needed to face the complexity of today’s world, which is why I am interested in learning more about this topic and in remaining up-to-date with current technology.

I structure class time to include a significant amount of engaging exercises (e.g. case studies, workshops, challenges) and  strive to build stimulating, motivating, supportive, and participative learning experiences.  Some of these include: role plays, exercises, and presentations. To a large extent, I rely on my own enthusiasm and preparedness to provide as much individualized attention as possible in order to support my students’ learning process.  

Some samples of my student's work below. Contact me if you are interested in seeing more.


Promotional Design | Digital composition and Illustration | Students: Carolina Paz and Alexandra Tello |  2008


Promotional Design | Digital composition and experimental techniques | Student: Jose Antonio Ariza | 2011


Editorial Design | Redesign University's Newsletter "Correo Curioso" | Students: Jose Balbino, Juan Sebastián Llamas, Juliett Sarmiento, and Oriana Jiménez | 2010 


Brand Design | Students: David Cabrera | Professors: Ketty Miranda & Adriana Guzmán |  2014-2015

Brand Design applications | Students: Brenda Shaw, Yuly Gómez, Xaviera Ramírez and Roxanna Martínez |  2014-2015