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UAC. Brand Development and Management


Role: Team Lead & Designer

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The Universidad Autónoma del Caribe decided to redesign their brand as part of the renovation process they have been going through for the last couple of years. Considered one of the most traditional universities in the North Coast, the path to redesign the brand was not going to be easy. This is why they organized a contest where all the academic community could participate in the redesign of the brand. The winner was David Cabrera, a Graphic Design student. As the leader of the University's Design Lab, my first task was to make some adjustments to the new brand to simplify it and make it more adaptable to a wide range of applications.

The Team:

Xaviera Ramirez, Martha Rodriguez, David Cabrera, Brenda Shaw, Nataly Valencia and Adriana Phillips-Guzman.


In the Lab we were also responsible for creating stationery and other basic applications for the brand. After recruiting the team of students and professors that were going to be part of this project, I developed a schedule and assigned tasks to small teams within the group. This allowed us to meet deadlines and allowed students to grow skills in different areas.  I was responsible for creating an initial document with Brand guidelines and applications, reports, and presentations for the Dean and executives of the organization with correct and incorrect uses of the new brand. As the brand manager, I was asked to give advice in the production of new materials created for different departments.


UAC Wayfinding Signage Design

After the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe brand redesign, the institution wanted to improve the environmental graphics and apply the new colors and shapes from the new brand. This is a work in progress from the Design Lab I led and the result of the collaboration between myself and my students. Below you can find some images of the new design. More information on this project can be found here.


Exhibition Design: Expouniautonoma

Concept and Identity Design for the Expo Uniautonoma. Expo is an annual event organized by the Universidad Autonoma del Caribe where high school students come and learn about the careers options the institution offers. I worked as the concept designer and leader of the team in charge of the exhibition design, invitations, newspaper advertising and souvenirs.